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I work CNC lathes everyday BUT how  was that hex made without milling?! That's a mind ! lol! I think the chassis that secures the machine head and raw material conducts most of the heat energy, so no need Thats the CNC lathe. Looked like really soft steel bc they ddnt use any coolant. And you dont need this machine to make a hex. I wouldve milled the hex on the gear drivin CNC I COMPLETELY agree Mo! Makes me worry about the inevitable day when these type of machines no longer need us to turn on and program them. Again, that manual machine factory now only has a few hundred, but who works at the factory that builds the automated machines? No one? And if you think a computer software programmer/designer is stupid you really have no idea what they do... And news flash, the housing market destroyed credit lines and made them almost worthless, not the machining factories. Just because your dad or whoever lost their job, doesnt change the fact a lot more people got jobs because of these. thats not all that common of an issure. 95% use mastercam or of the such, so as long as you properly define your tools and have them touched off with proper offsets, there isnt an issue. Swiss machining products  its usually a =+.01mm or =+.oo5in adjustment to get the part into spec. we have one of theses with dual spindals and dual turren, although i avoid it, it works effectively.




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