S t diseases

Reason enough to test for sexually transmitted diseases ( STDs) is unprotected sex outside the relationship in which the partners have relations only with each other . While in the developed part of the world is perfectly normal to test for STDs in Croatia are sexually active persons difficult to decide on the act and ultimately annually tested by a small number of people .

There is no 100 % safe sex , and the sex besides vaginal and anal intercourse and oral sex counts as well as other intimate contacts are facing and touching mucous membranes and skin of other people . Even kissing , which most people are not considered risky act , may represent a mode of transmission of syphilis , chlamydia and gonorrhea, blue waffle disease .

Testing for STDs is particularly recommended in the following situations :

When starting a new connection because you do not know with whom your future partner / partner had a relationship. Testing before the start of a new connection protect your future partner / partner and myself .

If you are planning a pregnancy it is recommended to test for STDs because some STDs absence of symptoms does not mean that you are not infected with it ( such as hepatitis B and C or HIV ) , and some of them can be transmitted from mother to child during childbirth and breastfeeding .

If you have had unprotected sex with a stranger ( eg summer adventure ) it is advisable to test for STDs .

If you notice the symptoms of some STDs such as odor genitals , discharge or itching , do not put off going to the doctor , and bring with you and partner / partner to be able to treat both if they are needed .

One of the reasons that sexually active people do not go to get tested for STD 's and the way in which the test is conducted . Different diseases are tested in different ways , and some STDs can be tested in several different ways . They tend to shy away from the smear of the cervix , and the men of urethral swabs , and other ways of testing the throat swab and smear the anal opening , testing samples of blood and urine samples .

Smear of the cervix generally takes a gynecologist , and properly taken by first sterile swab removes mucus from the surface of the cervix , and only then take a swab of the required time . Smear should be introduced to one centimeter in the endocervical canal and rotate it about ten seconds in order to obtain epithelial cells . By taking swabs can check the presence of chlamydia , ureaplasma , mycoplasma , gonorrhea , syphilis and HPV ( Mestrovic , 2009) .




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